About me

Hello Friend and Welcome to my website!

My name is Marta Guerini and I'm a calligrapher living in the North of Italy where I have my home-studio.

I have been studying calligraphy since 2014, focusing on pointed pen and monolinear scipts like Copperplate and Business Writing.

I love turning my Copperplate passion teaching it to people attending my classes, I think there's nothing better than "sharing" the things I have learned from my teachers.

Since I was a child I have been passionated about colors and any form of art, I am an assiduous supporter of the handmade and craftsmanship, I'm a serial collector of pencils and growing up I discovered different tools, inks and materials to write on such as fine italian handmade papers.


When I do my daily practice it's just the paper and me, the sound of the nib that "scratches" the sheet releasing the ink has the magical power to give me special moments every time.

So... let's "Write Different" together!



"La scrittura resta: 

va' sola per il mondo"Sylvia Plath